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Head Office
Oshima building, 2-4-8 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

+81 3 5656 1913

+81 3 5656 1914

December 3, 2018

100 million yen

Major Stockholders
NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd., DENSO Corporation

Yukinori Hashimoto

Executive Vice President
Yuichiro Matsuura

Director / Member of the Board
Akira Kakinoki, Takao Yamaguchi, Shunjiro Goto

Yumiko Kusaka, Masanori Sugiura

Greetings from the President

Vehicles currently provides the joy of not only driving but also of moving in comfortable place and connecting to various things. In the mobility society, vehicles have become more closely connected to the infrastructure of daily life and are undergoing a period of great change along with the social infrastructure. Even people who do not drive cars are affected by this change with the provision of mobility-related services. We will continue to improve our security technology so that we can ensure that the fun and joy of connecting with various people and things can always be used with peace of mind.

NDIAS, Ltd. consists of engineers from different fields and has just taken a new step forward. Among us, the same track is shared on the point of trying to obtain world-class skills in each field. Based on the spirit "to impress people, we must impress ourselves firstly," we will assist the development of mobility society with dreams and excitement using our power of diverse human resources. We value our relationships with people and aim to become a world-class engineer group. We highly appreciate your continuous support.

President of NDIAS, Ltd. Yukinori HASHIMOTO

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5 minutes walk from Shinagawa Station Konan-guchi Exit Access