Our training programs are educational ones to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for handling privacy information related to vehicles.

In today's vehicles, many products and services maximize the value by utilizing data, e.g., connected cars / services, and data is becoming increasingly important. The data contain a lot of information related to user privacy. Therefore, also in automotive industry, it is necessary to respect the rights of the individual when developing products and services.
In this training, you can learn the basic knowledge for developing products and services with consideration on privacy, through actual cases of automobile and mobility services.

Target Trainee

  • Personnel in the privacy department of automotive manufacturer
  • Personnel in the electronic platform development of automotive manufacturer
  • Personnel in the privacy department of supplier
  • Personnel in the product development department of supplier
  • etc.

    Training Details

  • The place you prepared by your company (e.g. in your office)
  • Or a venue prepared by us
  • Note: Details will be decided individually

    Minimum number of participants
    20 people
    *If less, decided individually.
    Note: We currently accept requests only from companies.

    Half day

    Service Flow

    Flow of Automotive Privacy Training