Our training programs are educational ones to acquire the basic knowledge and attack techniques useful for automotive security.
This training program covers not only hardware and software composing ECUs, but also automotive interfaces, e.g., cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CAN, NFC, IP. In the training programs, you can experience practical hands-on hacking techniques against increasingly complex vehicles, which helps you acquire basic knowledge for security measures

Assumed participants

  • Personnel in the information security department of automotive manufacturer
  • Personnel in the electronic platform development of automotive manufacturer
  • Personnel in the information security department of supplier
  • Personnel in the product development department of supplier
  • etc.

    Training Details

  • The place you prepared by your company (e.g. in your office)
  • Or a venue prepared by us
  • Note: Details will be decided individually

    Minimum number of participants
    20 people
    *If less, decided individually.
    Note: We currently accept requests only from companies.

    5 days
    Note: It is also possible to select and customize the programs as you need.

    Training schedule
    (standard pattern)
    Day 1: Hardware
    Day 2: Wi-Fi, IP
    Day 3: Bluetooth
    Day 4: CAN, Applications
    Day 5: Cellular, NFC
    Note: This program is customizable

    Service Flow

    Flow of Automotive Security Training