NDIAS specializing in Automotive Security

Automotive Security Experts

NDIAS, Ltd. is a company specializing in automotive security, established by NRI Secure, an IT security company, and Denso, a global manufacturer of automotive components. Our strength is our ability to support the entire development process from upstream development to post-market operation and disposal, with our deep knowledge of automotive development and existing processes in quality management and functional safety.
The UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) has issued UN-R155 and UN-R156 as cybersecurity-related regulations, which are now in effect in Japan. Another of our strengths is that we can support you also with taking into account the trends in regulations and standardization in the automotive industry.

Advanced Technological Capabilities Covering a Variety of Fields

In recent years, the technology required for digitalized automobiles has become increasingly sophisticated, and security measures are required that include out-car systems and supply chains that are linked to automobiles. NDIAS has experts who can cover a wide variety of technical areas, including automotive device development, mobile communication systems, web systems, and SoC.

Unparalleled Experience in Automotive Security

100+ projects related to automotive security
50+ ECU security assessment
300+ detection of vulnerabilities

Contribution to the Automotive Industry

We participate in JASPAR, J-Auto-ISAC, and US-Auto-ISAC, and contribute to the development of the cyber security in the automotive industry.

Contribution to the Security Industry

We are also actively engaged in various security activities such as speaking at security conferences, participating in CTFs, and publishing security-related books for the development of the security industry.