We support the building of processes to ensure product security.
As the cyber attacks to the automotive industry are increasing, World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations(WP29), regulations about cyber security have been formulated and UN-R155 (*1) and UN-R156 (*2) and they came into force as UN regulations on January 22, 2021, and Japan is the first country to enforce them.

(*1) UN-R155: Cyber Security and Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) for Vehicles
(*2) UN-R156: Software Update and Software Update Management System (SUMS) for Vehicles

Automotive manufacturers need to build and certify a secure vehicle/product development process that meets the cyber security requirements across the entire lifecycle for vehicle approval.
To meet the requirements of UN-R155 and UN-R156, it is necessary to demonstrate that appropriate measures have been implemented by using various best practices (e.g. "ISO/SAE 21434", which is currently being developed.) We support the building of processes to improve product security in compliance with regulations and standards.

Service Features

  • Process development know-how in the automotive industry
  • We provide consultation services for process development, including process operation at the development site.
  • Consultation experience with Japanese OEMs and suppliers
  • We have consultation experiences of process development support and security requirement assessment for multiple companies in the automotive industry.

Service Flow

We conduct interviews with the customer, sort out the customer's problems, extract the issues, and discuss what/how we support you.
In addition to the above series of steps, we are also able to provide support for individual steps, e.g. only checking of internally produced security documents or only implementation of training. Please contact us for details.

Flow of Process Development Consultation