We analyze the security specifications and design documents, and interview the people in charge of development. Then, we identify the perspectives which need to be reconsidered, and make recommendations on how to improve them.
By identifying security issues prior to product development, it is possible to reduce rework and correction costs due to inadequate security design.

Service Features

  • Automotive security experts
  • Experts who have experience in vehicle security assessment and consulting and are familiar with practical attack methods, provide analysis and recommendations.

  • Unique analytical perspective that takes into account UN regulations, international standards, and other automotive guidelines
  • We analyze your security specifications and design documents, taking into account UN regulations (UN-R155, UN-R156), international standards (ISO/SAE 21434), and other automotive guidelines (NHTSA Best Practice, JASPAR standards/technical documents, etc.).

  • Comprehensive analysis with systems that work with vehicles.
  • To realize high functionality of vehicles such as automotive IoT and autonomous car, it is essential to take measures against cyber attacks on related services such as back-end servers. We comprehensively analyze security specifications and design documents along with web applications, web servers, and smartphone applications that connect to vehicles.

Service Flow

Flow of Security Specification Development and Analysis