NDIAS members spoke at "AUTO-ISAC" (An automobile cyber security organization in North America)
Mar. 22, 2021


On February 25, 2021 (EST), NDIAS, Ltd. gave a presentation at the session in "AUTO-ISAC(Automobile Information Sharing and Analysis Center)."

Auto-ISAC was founded in August 2015, as a global information sharing community to address vehicle cybersecurity risks. Auto-ISAC is sharing, tracking and analyzing intelligence related to the connected vehicles (e.g., cyber threats, vulnerabilities and incidents)

In the session titled "Realistic Trends in Vulnerability based on Hacking into Vehicle", we presented the tips for the cyber security assessments of the vehicles and ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) to the global automobile companies and supliers.

NDIAS, Ltd. highly appreciates this opportunity and would like AUTO-ISAC members to take this presentation into account to develop more secure vehicles.

NDIAS, Ltd. will continuously contribute to enhancing vehicles' life-time security level, by performing effective security assessments in collaboration with automotive companies and suppliers.?